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Minimal Blocks


Minimal Blocks is one of the most hard and entertaining climbing game ever made!You are John, A block that is different from all the other blocks. He is not square, and secretly has powers all the other blocks don't have: He can move and jump!
John is in danger, the lava levels are rising and are trying to reach John. In order to survive, John has to climb the other blocks to stay above the lava. Also watch out John doesn't get trapped or crushed by the other falling blocks!
There are two tricks to help John survive in this game! The first trick is that the screen wraps, meaning you can jump of the right side and reappear back on the left side. The second trick is that you can perform a wall jump by jumping into them and then pressing the jump button! This is a tricky move and will require some practice! See how high you can climb!
Try to survive for as long as possible and post your high-scores to the leader boards for a worldwide competition!
We'd appreciate if you'd report any issues you're having with the game to, please include your device make and model.